Center for General Education, originated from the Common Course Program of the Office of Academic Affairs, was established in 1999 while Kaohsiung Medical College expanded into Kaohsiung Medical University at the same year). It is important to note that the curriculum is planned and designed following five key objectives: life ethics, humanities, social care, global perspectives, and life-time learning. The educational policies and strategies are constantly adjusted along with the rapidly changing society, developing knowledge, and the greater world outlook.



From the academic year 2013, we will thoroughly incorporate freshman into KMU’s college education, with the president as the head of college, leading instructors and assistants of the college to build the ambiance of holistic education. We employ the learning activities of formal and informal courses, and complement them with high-level dormitory life, and at the same time expand the learning aspects of life, so that students can obtain the ability of caring for themselves and further it into caring for others.

Students are expected to achieve empathy, and actualize this quality in their school life. We are looking forward to cultivate proficients who are equipped not only with the professional learning of medical education, but also the humanity concerns of liberal arts, fully practicing the core value of KMU.

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